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Baglio Sorìa

Baglio Sorìa is a jewel in Trapani’s crown: 110 hectares in western Sicily where the Di Gaetano family’s great dream started in the 1980s. Our family business planted vineyards, restored old rural buildings, and cultivated olive trees here, in this genuine natural theatre. Trapani’s sea breeze caresses Baglio Sorìa making it a truly invaluable location for refreshment.

Trapani is ever present at Baglio Sorìa: it can be found in the history of the old Baglio’s walls, in the warmth of the welcome which tells the rural Mediterranean culture’s history, and in the customs and food

It is here, in the location which also tells our history, that you will be tended to by the majesty of Mount Erice and its medieval village, and nurtured by the sea breeze coming in from the Egadi islands, which are so close it almost seems as though you could touch them. This stretch of coastline is characterised by the Stagnone of Marsala to the left with its little islands, and the scent of the  Trapani and Paceco salt pans.

Nature is unpolluted at Baglio Sorìa. Don’t be surprised if during a walk you happen to see flamingos and storks nest or stop over during their long migratory journeys from north to south.

Baglio Sorìa represents the Sicily of sun, sea, and thriving countryside.

This is the landscape in which the Baglio Sorìa Resort & Wine Experience arises. It is a location considered with you in mind—to give you the best Sicilian stay, in nature which welcomes you.