Baglio Sorìa - Firriato Firriato Hospitality

History and Tradition

Baglio Sorìa’s old seventeenth century building is one with the agricultural estate.

Situated halfway along the coast, on the hillside which overlooks this enchanting landscape, Baglio Sorìa is a perfect example of the traditional Sicilian architecture common in the most western part of Sicily.

Baglios were places of work and habitation for rural communities. They were a point of reference for men and women who shared, generation after generation, a way of Sicilian life and a particular Sicilian experience. The original building consisted of the main house, storehouses, craft workshops for craft making, and some living spaces for farmworkers.

We have decided to make the most of this location, which tells the story of Sicilian agricultural civilisation, by restoring and creating a hospitality development at Baglio Sorìa. It is a project which covers the entire complex: the Baglio Sorìa Resort & Wine Experience.

Nothing has been left to chance. The harmony of this sought-after but authentic location is clear indication of its respect for the history which created it. The link between wine and winemakers’ culture is strong as ever. Baglio Sorìa works for and produces excellent Sicilian wine, but it also celebrates the joy and passion of good wine and good food. Spending time here, at our Baglio Sorìa Resort & Wine Experience, is an opportunity for wine-lovers to get to know the protagonists that have given life to the philosophy and way of working that has always made our productive style stand out.

Baglio Sorìa’s Resort and Wine Experience awaits to completely transport you into the captivating and informative Firriato universe. Uncover the concept of an authentic terroir, discover the work of different vineyards—a unique experience which will allow you to take part in various different farming processes.