Baglio Sorìa - Firriato Firriato Hospitality

The Estate

This agricultural estate of 120 hectares, located just a short distance away from Trapani in the western part of Sicily, is where the Di Gaetano family’s grand dream began back in the 1980s.

The Estate is in the  one of the most authentic and charming parts of Sicily, where the vineyards blend harmoniously into a breathtaking natural setting adjoining the nature reserve of the Trapani and Paceco salt pans. A natural place for flamingos and storks to pass through along their migratory route, natural pasture land for wild horses, surrounded by a series of tall eucalyptus trees.

However, these exceptional elements are not enough to describe Baglio Soria, as this panorama of natural beauty is also dominated by the imposing presence of Mount Erice, which overlooks the estate from the north, little more than six kilometres away.

Whilst your attention will be stolen by the force of the mountain, guardian of the medieval village of Erice, a glance to the east reveals the gentle, sinuous lines of the Aegadian islands, a true paradise on earth. The wind blows constantly on these lands, mainly from the south, bringing the benefits of the Mediterranean sea breeze to the inland areas.

The sun’s rays can be powerful at Baglio Sorìa and the vines must be carefully pruned, paying great attention to every single bunch to ensure that the fruit is protected by the leaves and perfect polyphenolic ripening can occur.