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The Vineyards

Baglio Sorìa is undeniably our most charming estate of those in the Trapani agricultural area.

Walking among the vineyards, Trapani appears together with a panorama of rare beauty: the blue sea on the horizon blends with the green hillside landscape formed of vineyards and century-old olive trees. It is one of the most magical regions of Sicilian wine country, where the cultivation of vines over hundreds of years has meant that the area has become an important wine-making territory.

Our great family dream started here on this agricultural estate during the 1980s.

The vineyards of Baglio Sorìa integrate harmoniously into a landscape where plant and animal life reign supreme.

The constant wind blowing through the vineyards carries the benefit of the Mediterranean marine breeze inland, while the sunshine helps give the vines the right levels of polyphenols.

Baglio Soria is a natural terrace bathed in sunshine where it is possible to appreciate how powerful a vision a natural and harmonious landscape can be. The beating heart of our production is here, in vineyards planted with Nero d’Avola, CatarrattoCabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet FrancMerlotChardonnay and Syrah: local and international vine varieties which grow side by side in a single agricultural area. They fully express the Firriato philosophy: to value the uniqueness which every single vine gives simply because it is grown and produces fruit in this area.

These vineyards bring life to wines which have formed the history of the company: Camelot (a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot), Santagostino red (Nero d’Avola and Syrah) and Santagostino white (Catarratto and Chardonnay). These are multi-award-winning labels which over the years have become ambassadors for Sicilian wine all over the world.