Baglio Sorìa - Firriato Firriato Hospitality

Conferences and Meetings

If you need a room for a conference or a meeting in Trapani, you will find yourself at home in the one available at the Baglio Sorìa Resort & Wine Experience.

The large, equipped room is in the spacious central courtyard and lends itself perfectly to hosting your most valued events.

The meeting room is available for conferences and meetings serving Trapani and the surrounding area, situated in an area of great natural beauty.

Able to seat 80, and with all the main features and basic technological equipment necessary, the room also has air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a PA system, projector, large screen and everything necessary for guaranteeing high standards of quality and the right attention needed for any type of event that you could intend to plan.

The possibility to move the chairs around also allows the space to be adapted to every need, while the whole room can be modified from the point of view of its layout, allowing for the personalisation of an event’s appearance.

TheBaglio Sorìa Resort & Wine Experience team is able to take care of every single aspect of organisation, from both a technological and logistical point of view.

Don’t forget, also, that our resort at Baglio Sorìa is able to satisfy every single moment of your event: from the welcome cocktail to the coffee break, from the business lunch to the closing dinner, in the pursuit of flavour and good-eating.