Baglio Sorìa - Firriato Firriato Hospitality

Event Planning

Baglio Sorìa Resort & Wine Experience is just a short distance from Trapani in a magnificent panoramic setting among the Firriato vineyards. It is the ideal location for hosting both your most important events, but also business events and meetings: weddings, conferences, meetings, team building exercises and much more will become unforgettable experiences.

The setting is extremely prestigious thanks to the antique splendour of the baglio. Firriato gave the baglio new life thanks to a considered and harmonious restoration, which blends in to the spectacle of the surrounding countryside, giving life to one of the most enchanting panoramas in the Trapani province. The landscape is a shimmering palette of colour which changes with the passing of the seasons. You will always find something new to surprise you at Baglio Sorìa: the baglio’s architecture, the surrounding panorama, and the delicacies of the restaurant’s dishes, paired with Firriato wines, are all elements which will make any event unforgettable. It will be possible to choose the most suitable of the sought-after spaces which characterise the baglio, and that will best adapt to the requirements of the event to be organised.

The attentive and well-trained staff are able to personalise every aspect of the event seeing to all types services. High levels of excellence are also guaranteed in the kitchen thanks to the Mediterranean flavours of the dishes which are expertly and knowledgably made by Chef Andrea Macca, and washed down with excellent Firriato wines. Baglio Sorìa is the perfect location for giving any event an impeccable reception.Baglio Sorìa Resort & Wine Experience is the stylish, beautiful, and prestigious choice.