Baglio Sorìa - Firriato Firriato Hospitality


Baglio Sorìa is a wonderful location for a wedding near Trapani. The Baglio Sorìa Resort is ideal for hosting unforgettable weddings in a unique setting. The expansive view takes your eyes across 110 hectares of property where you can see the backdrop of the salt pans on the horizon and to the other side Mount Erice, a remarkably beautiful and charming sight. The rooms can be converted into many unique spaces which can then be adapted, completed and decorated to make the most significant day in a couple’s lives—their wedding—even more magical. The space set aside is ideal for anyone looking to celebrate their wedding just a short distance from Trapani, giving them control of every single detail in an evocative setting. The Baglio Sorìa staff will take care of organising the spaces according to the wishes of the future bride and groom, custom-tailoring the details of such an exclusive and memorable event as a wedding.

There will be no shortage of attention to detail and originality in the kitchen either. Here, Chef Andrea Macca will be on hand to develop the menu of your dreams. You can choose either a meat or fish based menu which will use the finest fresh ingredients to create reinventions and reinterpretations of traditional Sicilian dishes. Firriato wine will be the accompaniment to the dishes, giving you genuinely exciting flavours which will make your wedding unforgettable.