Baglio Sorìa - Firriato Firriato Hospitality

Belvedere – Sky Lounge

From the Belvedere, Trapani appears immense surrounded by the sight of Sicilian nature.

This is Baglio Sorìa. This is its breath-taking view.

Situated on a hill which overlooks the vineyards and olive groves of the Baglio Sorìa Resort and Wine Experience, the Belvedere shows Trapani and the splendour of the surrounding agricultural area.

On clear days you are easily able to see a large part of the most western coast of Sicily from the Stagnone lagoon, with the islands Lunga and Mozia facing Marsala, to Mount Erice with its medieval town. At the centre of this magnificent view are the Egadi Islands, with Favignana and Levanzo in the foreground, and the island of Marettimo in the background.

Below Baglio Sorìa’s Belvedere hill, the green, green valleys of vineyards and olive trees, a natural landing place for flocks of pink flamingos and storks, skim the small irrigation lake of Paceco, gently sloping down towards the sea.

The presence of migratory birds and wild grazing horses is a hugely positive sign for the whole area, because it is a clear indication of an uncontaminated environment devoid of all pollution.

No less captivating is the presence of the salt pans, with their sea-water collection basins that reflect the sky’s colours and the sun’s rays. To see them from the Belvedere of Baglio Soria at sunset is a unique experience: the sun’s red hue stretches out across the water with the whole experience lasting just a matter of minutes it encourages reflection and deliberation.

Beauty, a place’s identity, community, and history—the culture of the grape vines and wine of this region has left its mark on it forever.  Just a quick look around is enough to provide you with adequate proof: vineyards interspersed with olive trees and strips of earth growing wheat.

The panoramic viewpoint of the Baglio Sorìa Belvedere is the ideal location to sit and contemplate the Trapanese countryside and its wonders, while sipping a glass of Firriato wine and enjoying the Mediterranean sea breeze.

The Viewpoint