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Wine bar

We are at the Wine Bar of the Baglio Sorìa Resort & Wine Experience. You will find yourself in a place which inspires wonder here.

Its location at the Belvedere of Baglio Sorìa is already a spectacle in and of itself. This is especially true as it heads towards evening, when it cools off and the lights begin to twinkle painting an enchanting picture from the city of Trapani to the Stagnone lagoon of Marsala.

The careful choice of furnishings is in keeping with those of the accommodation facilities. Every detail of the Trapani Wine Bar seems to have been considered in order to leave you with a lasting impression of the location’s charm.

At the resort’s wine bar you will find a rich selection of wines with flavours ranging from fresh to fruity, to those with a hint of citrus or with floral notes. The flavours and scents of Sicily can be found in these wines, which we have specifically chosen for you.

It is food for the soul which deserves to be celebrated, whether alone or in company, by raising your wine glasses or sipping on a superb cocktail from the menu created by the Firriato mixologist.

“It is your time; experience it with all the intensity it deserves”

Il Wine Bar