Baglio Sorìa - Firriato Firriato Hospitality


From today a new restaurant is opening its doors in the Trapani countryside, surrounded by the green vineyards and olives groves this restaurant is our restaurant at the Baglio Sorìa Estate.

In our restaurant Trapani and its typical cuisine are the protagonists of the table. Here, a marriage is made between history and tradition, and the flavours of a chef who carefully and creatively enhances the local produce, creating exclusive dishes.

Our cuisine, from breakfast to dinner, is the product of a cultural identity which finds its primary resources in the Sicilian sea and earth. The Trapani area surrounds the Baglio Sorìa restaurant and makes protagonists of its aromas, the typical Sicilian welcome, and the precious wine and food heritage which can be found in every aspect of the facility.

Here, in this location which is so important to us, you can eat your meals bathed in the natural light from the countryside.

This is because we want your time with us at the Baglio Sorìa restaurant to be a unique experience—an experience in which the balance of the dishes you try is united with refinement, and the selection of the best Firriato wines, from the historic labels to the more recent productions.

The reason being that, for us, Baglio Sorìa is a place to dine immersed in the greenery of the vines and olive trees—a place to share good food and wine in good company.

This is because the Trapani countryside is our home, and from today, seated in the Baglio restaurant, it will be your home too.


Opening hours:
from 12.30 AM alle 3.00 PM
from 7.00 PM to 11.30 PM

(+39) 3666260186

(+39) 0923861679