Baglio Sorìa - Firriato Firriato Hospitality

The Chef of the Baglio Sorìa Restaurant

It is not a coincidence that Chef Andrea Macca arrives in the Firriato’s maison. The young and enterprising Chef of Carlentini, small town on the slope on Hyblaean Mountains, arrives at Baglio Sorìa after a grounded experience, having worked his way up, always studying new cook techniques and learning details about raw materials. He is a passionate lover of that kind of gourmet culture able at boosting cooking util achieving artistic results. This passion dates back his starting point as a member of the cooking staff of high level ships, where he started to experience raw materials and raising awarness of the cooking art, side by side with other experts. After this training experience he started working in the Duomo restaurant in Ragusa. This partnership allows Andrea to learn how to reinterpret the authenticity of traditional recipes according to a high level restaurant. This is the peak after years invested in studies and research during which the Chef has joined its experimental approach with the history behind Italian and Sicilian courses. In 2013 Andrea joins DonnaCarmela restaurant, of the namesake Boutique Resort in the province of Catania, working as a Resident chef. After five years, Andrea is working in the Baglio Sorìa Resort with the same passion but new intentions that will bring him to tell about the most authentic side of Sicily in a new way.