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Baglio Sorìa’s Menu

Baglio Sorìa’s menu  is pure pleasure, just in the reading. Let us tell you why.

We love nature and its lifecycles. We love our earth, our sea, and their produce which nourishes us. We love them, and that is why we put them on the Baglio Sorìa menu.

It is not by chance that Italians talk of the menus of the sun, sea and earth; they are expressions of a biodiversity which find their truest manifestation in Sicily—rich in the many influences which Mediterranean history has afforded it.

From the starter to the dessert, you will discover a choice of dishes which recall the Sicilian farming tradition, balancing it with new flavours, colours, textures, and combinations. Ours is a choice of cohesion with and link to the area’s background, agricultural traditions and foods, and traditional local fishing practices which involve the province’s coast line and that of the Egadi islands—a true fishing goldmine in this area of the island.

The Baglio Sorìa menu takes its influence from nature: from the plants’ energy, the marine fish’s vitality, and the authenticity which has always driven the Mediterranean diet— intangible cultural riches of humanity.

The Baglio Sorìa menu is an experience which we can discover together— us with you.