Baglio Sorìa - Firriato Firriato Hospitality

Team Building

Far from the frenzy of the city and the stresses of daily life but not far from Trapani, Baglio Sorìa combines the ancient beauty of an age with the comforts of modern living to give you group and team building exercises in complete serenity. The setting is against a backdrop of the scents and flavours that reflect the extensive experience of the Firriato brand. Within Trapani province there are few other places that can boast a similar setting. Baglio Sorìa has a location which is extremely well adapted to the execution of team building exercises, where the surrounding Mediterranean nature is fired up with the smell of Firriato wine and the flavours of the sumptuous delicacies of resident Davide e Gianmario Torregrossa.

The property also lends itself to being equipped and adapted for team building in a peaceful and reserved space. It will give life to tailor-made agendas ideal for sharing truly meaningful experiences. The cooking classes as well as the wine tastings are significant experiences which can help increase productivity and build bonds between individuals. The success of a business depends on the professionalism of its employees and the collaborative relationships they create. This is the location you are looking for for organising business team building exercises. Our solution also includes a visit to the Firriato vineyards, nature’s panacea which restores serenity and recharges your batteries.