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Wine Experience

At Firriato’s Baglio SorìaResort comfort meets wine.

The Trapanese wine experience which we offer our guests is proof of it. It is a real, true experience that involves wine and the senses, a special journey of introduction to the best wines connected to Trapani and our estate.

At this end of western Sicily, the antique splendour of the Baglio as it once was is united with what it has become today, after our renovation. Here, between history and modernity, is where we organise our wine experience: an exclusive journey connected to us and our leading product, wine.

We have planned and created this sensory experience for you, to match the comfort of your stay with us with the wine which has always impassioned us. At our wine experience you can taste Trapani in every sip, a bond between history, art, and nature of extreme beauty.

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The Firriato wine experience is for those of you who love to think of yourselves as travellers and not as guests or simply tourists. The wine experience is our way of welcoming you to our island and helping you to taste Sicily in your glass, combining it with the best local produce and the convivial atmosphere which is a part of our character.

We’re waiting for you at the Baglio Sorìa Resort for a unique wine experience in the vineyards of the Trapani agricultural area.