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Cookery courses

Why should you take part in a Firriato organised Trapani cookery course?

Because they represent an important and pleasurable opportunity to explore and deeper understand the Sicilian anthropological tradition, and that of Trapani in particular.

The Baglio SorìaResort chef, Gaetano Basiricò, personally sees to the cookery classes.

Reflecting on the association of Trapani and cookery courses, what does it mean? It means you will be sent back to a culinary and cultural tradition which uses the best fresh ingredients available and reinterprets them in typical Trapanese dishes: from couscous to Trapanese pesto, from the local fish to Sicilian patisserie with cassata and cannoli.

With the Trapani cookery courses this tradition will also become yours thanks to the lessons from chef Basiricò. The classes will teach you to make delicacies from western Sicily and pair them with Firriato wines.

All the Trapani cookery courses are different and have been created to satisfy your curiosity.

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