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The Firriato’s Club is a unique opportunity that allows members to receive advance information on all of the news in the Firriato universe: the launch of a new label, when a new vintage comes out, all the information on Firriato events, and the latest Sorìa Wine Resort offers.

It is a way of rewarding the loyalty of all those who stay in one of our Firriato accommodation facilities or buy one of the wines produced by the Di Gaetano family. By subscribing to the Firriato’s Club it will be possible to take advantage of discounts and benefits for taking part in one of the sensory experiences organised by our various properties: from wine tastings to cooking classes, and from wine tours to food tours, every Firriato club member will receive special custom-tailored treatment for their loyalty.


  • Invitation to exclusive events around the world
  • Firriato merchandising
  • Information about new products
  • Offers reserved for Club members
  • Exclusive wines


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