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Wine classes

What springs to mind when you think of “Sicilian Wine Classes”?

For us, what comes to mind is a real, true experience, able to show you the age-old wine culture in all its most pleasurable nuances, in a warm and welcoming land.

This is what we offer you in our “SicilianWine Classes” more precisely they are: a course on wine production techniques and tasting, available for the most refined wine-lover as well as those less experienced. The “SicilianWine Classes” are for people who never turn down the pleasure of holding a nice glass of wine exploding with the flavours, colours, and aromas of Sicily in their hands.

The learning experience  at Baglio Sorìa Resort & Wine Experience’s Sicilian wine classes will also be an opportunity to try out a pleasurable and simple method of learning whilst taking advantage of the relaxing services on offer, such as the swimming pool, an aperitif at the SorìaSkyLounge, and the restaurant’s exclusive menu. Not forgetting the spectacle on display from the Trapani agricultural area where sun lights up the days.

So, returning to the initial question: what springs to mind when you think of “SicilianWine Classes”?For us, Baglio Sorìa’s Siclian wine classes come to mind, and we hope they do for you too.