Baglio Sorìa - Firriato Firriato Hospitality

Wine Tour

A guided tour of the birthplace of our Trapanese wines makes a trip to the Baglio Sorìa Resort & Wine Experience worth the visit. And if you add the natural landscape surrounding the resort into the mix, then all that remains is to book your stay.

During our guided tour Trapanese wines will reveal their full flavour in an explosion of aromas which will be difficult to escape from. Our wines will narrate their story through life in the vineyard and the passionate hands of those who work this land every day.

The respect with which we care for our land is evident; it shines in the prosperity of the 110 hectares of vines and olive trees. The Firriato wine tour starts here, at this end of western Sicily, with a guided tour of the Trapanese wines which Firriato has produced for decades with the same passion as always.

Together, we will follow the story of some of Firriato’s most famous labels—starting from the soil conditions of the area, and the selection of plant varieties, before passing on to the adoption of organic farming practices.

And if you decide to visit us during the grape harvest, it is your obligation to try the grapes directly from the plant: this is a privilege which we reserve for you, our guests. Here at Firriato we open the gates to our restored baglio and place the fruits of our vineyards in your hands.

Let yourself be part of an experience which will not leave you going home disappointed. It doesn’t take much: curiosity, a love of nature, and a pair of comfortable shoes. We’ll take care of the rest, as we welcome you on one of our Firriato guided Trapani wine tours.

Then you can decide if cointinuing our Wine Tour going to Favignana Island, or choosing the Volcano: Etna.